The BHA is the non-profit trade organisation that represents the UK’s civil helicopter industry to government departments and international bodies. Its main aim it is to promote the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of rotorcraft throughout the UK.

 The helicopter industry needs a professional lobby group to safeguard our interests and also to offer knowledgeable advice to both those within and outside of our industry. Force in numbers is what is required in this day and age to deflect spurious legislation from the CAA and Europe and this is what the BHA does.

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The helicopter is now regarded as a vital facilitator of the Nation's health, wealth and security.  The public's perception of the helicopter as an unacceptable source of noise pollution, particularly in urban areas, must be balanced by facts that reflect the industry's efforts in noise abatement procedures and the manufacturing effort that has halved the helicopter noise signature in twenty years.  The BHA has produced the following informative Position Paper on urban helicopter noise.