The BHA is the non-profit trade organisation that represents the UK’s civil helicopter industry to government departments and international bodies. Its main aim it is to promote the safe, efficient and environmentally responsible operation of rotorcraft throughout the UK.

 The helicopter industry needs a professional lobby group to safeguard our interests and also to offer knowledgeable advice to both those within and outside of our industry. Force in numbers is what is required in this day and age to deflect spurious legislation from the CAA and Europe and this is what the BHA does.

BHA Survey Participant

The CAA has issued Safety Notice SN-2014/008 as a response to certain recent accidents to reinforce to pilots and operators the essential need for detailed and appropriate pre-flight planning and risk assessment before conducting any flight.  The plan then has to be executed accordingly.  The Safety Notice is available here:


Since 2006, the EHEST has been committed to reduce the number of helicopter accidents by 80% before the end of 2016.  The project has produced many guidelines and useful tools covering subjects such as SMS, mountain flying and flight in a degraded visual environment.  Full details of the programme, the EHEST membership and the available publications are available from the EHEST website by following the link below: