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Special Events Guidance

The following guidance is written so that those involved with helicopters at Special Events will understand the considerations and processes necessary to address the practical safety issues arising once a decision is made to invite helicopters into or near to the event Download the Guideline PDF Here:Special Events Guidance

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Simple Guide for setting up an Unlicensed Helicopter Site

Any owner of a piece of ground may use it as a helicopter landing facility without any kind of permission, provided the following conditions are met. The following document provides basic advice for setting up an unlicensed helicopter site including planning permission, siting and marking. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Unlicensed Helicopter Site

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Recommended Practices for Helicopter Charter Operations

The following document will help potential clients in respect of important basic facts concerning the commercial operation of helicopters. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Charter Operations

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Helicopter Site Keepers

Produced and updated with the assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the following document provides details of legislation, international standards and recommended practices. It also gives guidance on helipad layout and dimensions for various helicopters. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Helicopter Site Keepers

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The Civil Helicopter in the Community

The following document provides further information on helicopters themselves, a section on aviation law, air traffic considerations, legislation concerning landing sites, and further details on environmental issues. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Civil Helicopter in the Community

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