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Find Out More About the History and Present Day World of Helicopters

Since the first mass produced helicopter appeared in 1946, this revolutionary mode of transport has progressed at a rate even eclipsing that of fixed-wing aviation. In comparison to their rather agricultural beginnings, helicopters on the market nowadays are smooth, reliable, comfortable and quiet machines.

Modern corporate helicopters can carry between three and fourteen passengers in a comfortable environment at speeds approaching 200 mph. They can be especially useful at shrinking distances here in the United Kingdom, to the point where users can usually fit two or three appointments anywhere on the mainland into a single working day. Many destinations on the continent are also within range – London to Paris takes about an hour and a half. Smaller private models offer similar levels of mobility.

If you are considering owning or using a helicopter, either on a charter basis or purchasing your own, this page is designed to answer some of the questions you will certainly have. If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us.

Introduction to the World of Helicopters

July 1, 2016

Looks at the various types of helicopter available, and looks at All Weather Capability, where one can fly from, how much it all costs, and company ownership versus ad-hoc chartering. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Introduction to Helicopters

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The Civil Helicopter in the Community

July 2, 2016

Gives further information on helicopters themselves, a section on aviation law, air traffic considerations, legislation concerning landing sites, and further details on environmental issues. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Civil Helicopter in the Community

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The Future Role of Helicopters in Public Transport

July 3, 2016

Talks about the public perception of this form of transport, together with environmental considerations. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Future Role of Helicopters in Public Transport

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Recommended Practices for Helicopter Charter Operations

July 4, 2016

To guide potential clients in respect of important basic facts concerning the commercial operation of helicopters. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Practices for Charter Operations PDF

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Engineering Companies

July 5, 2016

Lists manufacturers, engineering and maintenance companies, together with their location(s) and telephone numbers. Download the Guideline PDF Here: Engineering Companies List

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Decision Making Single Pilot

January 14, 2021

A safe flight relies on making the right choices. Decision Making is a major factor in aircraft accidents and incidents. Accident data show that the majority of fatal accidents are attributable to decision errors rather than to errors of perception and action. It is therefore essential to make good decisions before and during the flight. […]

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