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Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems, Seats and Structure, an article by EASA and ESPN-R

Improving survivability of rotorcraft occupants in the event of crash is a key safety priority in the EASA Rotorcraft Roadmap. The goal is to increase the number of rotorcraft fitted with Crash-Resistant Fuel Systems (CRFSs) and Crash-Resistant Seats and Structure (CRSSs). This article focuses on CRFS, provides some of the background on the topic and presents where things stand today.

EASA and OEMs recommend installing CRFS retrofit kits or other protective modifications and OEMs offer commercial incentives. Depending on the type of helicopter you operate and its age, the decision to fit CRFS rests with your organisation. It’s a tough decision that requires a difficult balance between cost, safety, and operational effectiveness. Therefore, we think it is useful to open the discussion and make these types of discussion easier at industry or organisational level.